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Obmann / Streetlife
Obmann / Streetlife
Mahmut Özsöz
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Vor über 10 Jahren haben wir "Streetlife Autoclub" gegründet. Durch einen Zufall haben wir Saeid von PIXELFREAKS kennengelernt. Seit über 8 Jahren arbeiten wir (bis heute) Zusammen. Bis jetzt haben wir über 10 verschiedene Web Designs und Homepages in Auftrag gegeben und mit jede einzelne Homepage bzw. Auftrag, waren wir mehr als Zufrieden. Sehr schnelle Abwicklung, extrem Kompetent, unkompliziert, immer Zuverlässig und Top Preise. Wir von Streetlife e.V. empfehlen Saeid Samani zu 100%.
Gaby und Elmar
Gaby und Elmar
Gaby und Elmar Ober
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Es hat uns viel Freude bereitet, mit Herrn Samani unsere Homepage zu erstellen. Er ist sehr ideenreich, schnell und zuverlässig! Alle unsere Wünsche wurden berücksichtig und eingearbeitet. Wir können seine Agentur nur bestens weiterempfehlen.
D. Eberl
D. Eberl
D. Eberl
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PIXELFREAKS kann ich absolut empfehlen! Ich arbeite schon 2 Jahre mit ihm und bin begeistert über die Kompetenz und Geschwindigkeit. Außerdem vertraue ich absolut auf sein Online-Marketing-Know-how. Er weiß, was konvertiert und was fürs SEO gebraucht wird.
Tilman Lichdi
Tilman Lichdi
Tilman Lichdi
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PIXELFREAKS arbeitet sehr zielorientiert an allen Website Themen. Er arbeitet gerne mit Elementor kann sich aber schnell in jedes System einarbeiten. Für mich hat er bereits 2 Websites erstellt. Alle Systeme arbeiten sehr zuverlässig. Ich kann jedem seine Arbeit empfehlen.
Roland Stenglin
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Die Pixelfreaks Team sah die Übernahme unseres laufenden shop aus JTL in WordPress als willkommene Herausforderung an. Sie entwarfen ein passendes Design, nach wenigen Wochen waren unsere Ideen realisiert und wir konnten reibungslos umstellen. Klasse!


The custom made marketplace for classic and electric bikes in Germany with one vision, to revolutionise the online market for bicycles. The goal of the platform is to increase the usage of bikes to reduce our CO2 impact and help the environment.

Every big pharma company runs multiple clinical trials, by recreating the forms and making them fillable in PDF and consistent in design, we have improved the process between investigators and Basilea from Switzerland.


Bespoke platform to make advertisement simple and fun for gastronomies in Switzerland. Local owners can have a profile for free and create limited offers which will be promoted on BESTBARS. 



The computer network solutions from LW Electronic are among the most sold products on Amazon. With our E-Commerce solution, we have created a new revenue channel without Amazon’s high commissions. 


Writing a book and going through the process to publish it could be overwhelming. The clean and informative website helps customers to discover the potential and simplicity how  Buchakadmie can help them.

A strong body needs a strong mind. The self-improvement spray from Aposte helps people to calibrate and strengthen their inner compass. We have built and engaging website to make it easy for customers to find the right product.

A luxury bar from Köln, located in the most famous part of the city for its nightlife. Our solution helps them to generate more leads and reservations through the easy-to-use contact form.


Wirkzeit works on different projects and organize events to make the world a better place. It was important to have a trendy website to represent the company core and running projects. Their recent project is to fly to Peru and support reforestation.


Heike Boening has helped many couples in the last 15 years to live again the relationship they have always wanted. With our solution, we have automated the booking process so Heike can focus on what she does.


One of the biggest B2B clothes shops from Dreieich, Germany offers it products online using our E-Commerce solution. By selling online made Lindsay Moda reaches more customers and has increased it’s revenue.

Daniela Eberl has run a huge online live event with over 7,000 attendees in 2021. Using our solution to create a member area, visitors could watch hours of videos and interviews automatically after paying for the course.  

Streeflife is the place to meetup and stay up-to-date if you are interested in cars and turning. The news platform from Austria generates its revenue through high volume of traffic and advertisement on its page. 


Lion and Son produces thoughtfully designed accessories on Amazon and the quality of the products have  resonated in a high product ranking on Amazon. With our E-Commerce solution, we have created a new revenue channel without Amazon’s high commissions. 


Sotrm Secure offers a solid solution for privacy and CCTV. The online shop provides the information customers need to discover the potential and benefit of the products. The Smooth checkout process has increased the revenue. 

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Digital Media

Amazon München​

Event phography at Amazon center in Muenchen

Fashion For Floor

QX in coorporation with Fashion For Floor


Commerzbank event at QX headquarter

Business Photos​

QX team photography

Volunteer work as photographer for  vegan organisation, AV (Anonymous for the Voiceless) in Frankfurt Germany. At PIXELFREAKS we love to help charities with positive environmental impact with our services and skills. 

A luxury bar from Köln, located in the most famous part of the city for its nightlife. We have photographed the location in a way to capture the essence of Barito and make it possible for potential visitors to have a glimpse of their beautiful bar before making a reservation. Additionally the photos helped to improve Barito’s ranking on Google Map.

event photography at Fashion For Floor event in corporation with Frankfurt Masarati

The Box Club​

Insgramm Video for the new boxing club in Frankfurt

kizomba Frankfurt​

Even videography for Kizomba Dance festival in Frnakfurt