The biggest marketplace for classic and electric bikes in Germany with one vision, to revolutionise the online market for bicycles. You can sell your bike for free and search for a new or second one. The platform also offers bicycle shops different business accounts with more options.

We have redesigned multiple PDF forms for basilea’s Clinical Studies in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Acrobat to make them interactive and easy to use for the investigators. With our help, all their forms have a consistent design.


A platform to make it easier for people to find the bestbars nearby. BESTBARS from Basel, Switzerland will bring new ideas for end consumers and give the bars and restaurants an easy marketing channel to target more and the right people.



Cenk Saresma offers people different methods for transformation and self-awareness. Journies to exotic places like Stonehenge in England make his academy “heart evolution” one of the most innovative platforms for people who are interested in Self-healing. 

A luxury bar from Köln, located in the most famous part of the city for its nightlife. Barito serves the newest and most extravagant drinks and cocktails from all over the world. A selection of delicious and vegan food fulfills any wishes.  


Wirkzeit helps people to see the world from a new perspective and find happiness in life. Their newest project is to fly to Peru and support reforestation. 


Glück Kongress 2021


With over 7 000 registration, this online conference about “happiness” was a huge success. The visitors had free access to the videos about different topics like how to deal with various situations in life. The video content was created with many famous motivational speakers from Germany.


One of the biggest community-driven platforms about cars from Austria. Streetlife introduces new cars and tunning parts and also organise community meet up to watch famous movies like “fast & furious” together. 



Room sprays made by the pharmacist family from Baden-Baden-Baden. The products are made to mentally help people with daily life challenges and are made with high-quality ethereal oil and are 100% natural. 


With over 500 Product reviews on Amazon, Lion & Son is a successful fashion brand selling accessories. With the onlineshop this new startup increases its customer range and monthly revenue and make the most of social media marketing.  


One of the biggest wholesale shops in the industrial area located in Dreieich. Lindsay Moda is a fashion brand with Seasonal clothes for women made in Italy.


LW Electonic is a german brand selling parts for computer and server networks such as LAN cables. Supported by one of the biggest cable producers from China, LW Electronic offers the best value for money and therefore has over 2 000 reviews on Amazon.




Amazon München

We worked with QX to take photos of the precious moments in their highly awaited event in the Amazon center in München. The event took place over 2 days with multiple workshops and famous public figures like Michael Löhner and Judith Williams.


Fashion For Floor

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Business Photos

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Photos of the anonymous for the voiceless cube in Frankfurt. AV is an animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public on animal exploitation and fostering.

“As a Vegan and big animal rights advocate, I love what AV does to help animals and enjoyed taking photos of the Cube in Frankfurt.”

Siavash Bavandpour, CEO

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The Box Club

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kizomba Frankfurt

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