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How to Use Google Ads Days to Conversion Report

The Google Ads Days to Conversion report reveals the time between a click and conversion, providing insights into user behavior. This report helps in optimizing campaigns, planning promotions, and setting realistic expectations for stakeholders by understanding conversion timelines.

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Securing Your WordPress Site: Key Steps to Protect Your Website

Enhance your WordPress site's security by changing the wp-admin URL, deleting the default user, disabling XML-RPC if unnecessary, and securing the WP-JSON/WP/V2/USERS endpoint. These steps help protect against unauthorized access and potential attacks.

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Options: Maximising Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google Ads offers a range of options to help businesses reach their target audience effectively. This guide explores key features such as Google Remarketing and Custom Audiences, explaining when and how to use them. PixelFreaks can assist you in optimising your campaigns.

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The Art of the Follow-Up: How Many Contacts Does It Take to Close a Deal?

Exploring the dynamics of sales follow-ups can revolutionise your business outcomes. Statistically, most sales are not secured on the first interaction but after several engagements. This post delves into how persistence and strategic follow-ups can dramatically improve your closing rates.

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The Most Interesting Google Statistics, Numbers, and Facts for 2024

Before the dominance of Google, finding quick answers online was a challenge. Now, Google's vast user base and data collection enhance marketing strategies. With innovations like ChatGPT impacting search trends, Google adapts, introducing advanced AI systems to stay ahead.

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What Is Bounce Rate & What Is a Good Rate?

Understanding your website’s bounce rate is crucial for assessing user engagement and the effectiveness of your content. Simply put, bounce rate is a metric that shows the percentage of visitors who land on your website and decide to leave without viewing a second page.

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The Most Interesting Google Statistics, Numbers, and Facts for 2024

Despite the rise of AI and changing search habits, Google remains dominant in the search engine market, processing billions of searches daily and significantly influencing internet usage and marketing strategies globally.

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Optimizing SEO with the Correct Use of ‘noindex, nofollow’ Tags

Using "noindex, nofollow" tags wisely enhances SEO by controlling how search engines crawl and index web pages, crucial for optimizing site visibility in Google's search engine result pages (SERPs).

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