5 Effective Ways for Online Marketing Success

Looking for effective ways to boost your online presence? Check out these 5 strategies for successful online marketing: SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and responsive web design.

What are effective marketing tools for your success? Which of the many tools should you use and which ones are essential? And what really leads to more leads and ultimately more customers and more revenue?

Step 1: Run a blog

With WordPress Quickly spending a lot of money on online advertising, but not getting the desired results is puzzling and not clearly identifiable. In our experience, paid advertising should only be one pillar of your marketing tools that you use. Organic methods are all too often forgotten as people immediately jump on paid ads.

Running a blog is one such organic measure that is underestimated by many and therefore not seriously considered, or it is not consistently carried out to achieve the results that would be possible.

Technically speaking, setting up a blog is quick and easy, best done with WordPress. WordPress is a brilliant open-source tool that is widely used internationally. All you need to do is come up with a title and subtitle that characterizes your blog. And you can start writing blog articles.

If writing is not your thing, you can of course have blog articles written by experienced professionals. You can give topics or research topics yourself or have them researched on the internet. Your blog articles should not only be keyword-optimized, but also search engine optimized. That your blog articles appear regularly is a decisive factor for your success. With your articles, you regularly engage with prospects and customers, thereby building (more) trust.

Step 2: Write online press releases

In addition to an open-source tool like WordPress, you can also use online portals. If you regularly publish not only blog articles but also press releases in various online portals, you significantly increase your reach. This way, newspapers, blogs, and other media sources can become aware of you, view your information, and further process it. So others are also working for you and you don’t have to do all the writing yourself.

There are always occasions when you could write a press release. Once you start publishing such releases, you will think of and encounter occasions more and more often that are worth writing an article about. The same applies here, you don’t have to write them yourself.

Step 3: Create a landing page

With a landing page, you can promote a product or service of your company very specifically. This way, you can test headlines and images in comparison (A/B split testing) to find out how your prospects react and what leads to more success.

Nowadays, you no longer have to be a web designer or programmer for this. A tool like Elementor can be used in conjunction with WordPress and makes the work much easier. Of course, basic knowledge of web design and experience from online professionals cannot be caught up with so quickly. A trained expert is much faster than you can be yourself. So it is advisable to work with a full-service agency so that you can concentrate on your own core competencies.

On your landing page, you can also offer a “gift” that the prospect gets when they enter their email address. This way, you can stay in regular contact with them, maintain the relationship, build more trust, and then – ideally – win them over as customers.

Step 4: Use email marketing specifically

Simply sending emails to everyone who has registered on your landing page is no longer enough these days. Personalized campaigns that really speak to and motivate the reader to respond to your offers are important. If you take a close look at your customers’ buying habits, you can use this information to develop a marketing strategy that works and that you will be excited about. Using a marketing tool like MailerLite makes your work much easier – after all, you shouldn’t get lost in trying to understand the complex workings of an online marketing tool. It should serve you.

Step 5: Invest in mobile web design

We often don’t think about the design of our website. A website today is no longer what we understood to be a website a few years ago. Your website should have evolved into a branding page.

Over 85% of people in the DACH region now view websites on their smartphones. Many websites are still not “mobile-friendly”. Surely you have also seen websites on your mobile phone where you have to scroll back and forth to extract the relevant information – and sometimes it’s just the phone number that is important to you but not immediately visible and tests your patience.

“Responsive templates” are marketing tools that take a lot of work off your hands and are optimized for smartphones. Internet marketers know that your website must captivate a potential prospect within 3 seconds, otherwise they have already moved on and clicked somewhere else. That’s truly not much time. And if, for example, images on your website also shift in the mobile view and your message only appears “distorted”, then you have not reached numerous potential customers and missed opportunities.

Your website and of course also your landing pages should be clearly and clearly structured, and through your corporate identity, your logo, and your colors, appear attractive and friendly – and easy to navigate and read.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much time you invest in developing a digital marketing strategy if your foundation is not solidly built. And a modern and attention-grabbing homepage is one of the most important pivots of your digital presence.

Which online marketing tools are suitable and effective?

The bottom line is that regular blog articles and press releases will automatically bring you forward in organic Google search. Combine this with a landing page with opt-in, where you collect email addresses of your prospects, and build a relationship through email marketing.

The digital marketing tools you use for your marketing strategy don’t have to be expensive, because expensive doesn’t mean effective.

If you are not an expert in digital and internet marketing, then consult a professional. Especially for small business owners who should focus on other aspects of their business, a trustworthy and competent full-service agency is almost a must.

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