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At PIXELFREAKS we specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites with quick turnaround times, making sure that your online presence is impressive and impactful. Our team’s marketing expertise will help ensure that your new website is a success.

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Build your solid online presence with PIXELFREAKS

Elevate your web presence with a professional website. We know how to build a successful online presence that represents your brand. Let us handle the process from start to finish at a transparent, affordable rate, with fast turnaround times and zero stress for you.


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How to Use Google Ads Days to Conversion Report

The Google Ads Days to Conversion report reveals the time between a click and conversion, providing insights into user behavior. This report helps in optimizing campaigns, planning promotions, and setting realistic expectations for stakeholders by understanding conversion timelines.

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Securing Your WordPress Site: Key Steps to Protect Your Website

Enhance your WordPress site's security by changing the wp-admin URL, deleting the default user, disabling XML-RPC if unnecessary, and securing the WP-JSON/WP/V2/USERS endpoint. These steps help protect against unauthorized access and potential attacks.

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This journey has equipped us with expertise in crafting bespoke branding that drive growth and engagement. Our deep understanding of web design, digital marketing, and visual storytelling enables us to deliver impactful experiences that resonate with audiences and elevate brands.

Our strength:

We are committed to high-quality standards ensures that every project we undertake is executed with precision. We reinvest  decent portion of our revenue in educating our team and licencing premium software and infrastructure to deliver superior results and websites faster than competitors.

How we work:

We donate 10% of our resources to nonprofit charities, such as dog shelters and “Project Planet Earth” aimed at educating people about ocean plastic pollution and organizing beach cleanups in Dorset, UK.

To reduce our carbon footprint, our servers are powered by renewable energy and we have a plant-based, vegan team. Furthermore, we have consistently declined partnerships with businesses involved in animal cruelty, including those selling products related to fishing and clothing made from animal skin.

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