PIXELFREAKS Marketing Agency: Defending Our Customers from Fraudulent Schemes

Discover how to spot and avoid PIXELFREAKS impersonation scams with tips on secure communication, identifying red flags, and protecting your digital safety.

Commitment to Customer Safety at PIXELFREAKS

At PIXELFREAKS, the well-being and security of our customers are our top priorities. It has come to our attention that some individuals have been targeted by unsolicited texts and WhatsApp messages from impostors pretending to be PIXELFREAKS Marketing Agency. We want to unequivocally state that these messages do not originate from our team and highlight the importance of staying alert to protect yourself from these scamming attempts.

The Nature of the Scam

There have been reports of nefarious individuals reaching out under the guise of PIXELFREAKS, sending messages that might include counterfeit promotions, phishing schemes aimed at collecting personal data, or other misleading tactics. The goal of these fraudsters is to exploit unsuspecting victims, potentially leading to financial detriment or identity theft.

How to Recognize and Prevent Scams

  • Verified Communication Only: PIXELFREAKS communicates with our customers exclusively through official avenues (emails from [email protected]). If you receive an unexpected message claiming to be from PIXELFREAKS and are unsure of its legitimacy, please forward it to [email protected] for verification.
  • Spotting the Signs: Exercise caution with messages that solicit personal details, financial information, or contain dubious links. Our team will never ask for sensitive data via text or WhatsApp.
  • Avoid Unknown Links: Refrain from clicking on links provided by unverified sources. These may lead you to phishing sites designed to steal your personal information.
  • Reporting on WhatsApp: If you encounter suspicious numbers, use WhatsApp’s reporting feature to report them (accessible via the app’s menu).

Our Dedication to Your Trust

Maintaining the trust and safety of our PIXELFREAKS customers is a responsibility we take seriously. We are actively investigating and addressing any fraudulent actions performed in our name. If you have any concerns or need support, our team at [email protected] is here to assist you.


As digital scams become more sophisticated, staying vigilant is more critical than ever. At PIXELFREAKS, we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our community by providing the necessary tools and information to recognize and avoid fraudulent communications. By adhering to our guidelines for spotting and reporting scams, maintaining open lines of communication with our official channels, and seeking assistance when in doubt, we empower our customers to protect themselves against deceitful schemes.

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