Understanding Retargeting: The Secret Behind Its Marketing Success

Retargeting stands as a sophisticated advertising strategy that leverages browser cookie data to reconnect with users who've previously visited your website. Its efficacy lies in its ability to specifically target adverts to individuals who have already expressed interest in your site, significantly boosting conversion rates beyond those of first-time visitors. Imagine stumbling upon an intriguing website and then navigating away, only to be thoughtfully reminded of it later through retargeting ads.

The Mechanics of Retargeting

This method employs discreet cookie-based technology to track your site’s visitors. A cookie is saved on the devices of users who visit your page, through their web browser, without hindering website performance. This collected cookie data is then utilised by advertising platforms like Google or Facebook to curate a custom audience for remarketing purposes. Consequently, this audience—comprised of your site’s visitors—begins to encounter your adverts across different digital landscapes, including websites, search engines, apps, and social media.

The Rationale Behind Retargeting

Consider the fact that only about 2% of initial website visits result in a conversion, leaving a vast 98% of potential opportunities untapped. Retargeting aims to bridge this gap, targeting the majority who didn’t convert on their first visit by ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind through strategic ad placements. Whether due to initial indecision or external distractions, retargeting aids in re-establishing connection with these potential customers, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversion upon repeated exposure. This makes retargeting an invaluable asset not only for recapturing lost conversions but also for enhancing brand awareness.

Discovering Retargeted Adverts

Retargeted adverts are omnipresent, accessible through various platforms like Bing Ads, Google, and social media giants such as Facebook, which uses its pixel to gather analytical insights for audience building. The Google Display Network further broadens this reach, presenting adverts across a plethora of websites and apps frequented by your potential customers, tailored to the viewer’s prior interactions.

PIXELFREAKS’ Role in Mastering Retargeting

At PIXELFREAKS, we’ve mastered the art of crafting effective remarketing campaigns for our clientele, driven by our passion for fostering online success. Should you aspire to amplify your business’s digital footprint, we’re here to propel you towards that goal. Reach out to us at [email protected]—your first step towards leveraging the power of retargeting.


Retargeting emerges as a cornerstone of modern digital marketing strategies, uniquely powerful in its ability to re-engage with past website visitors and convert latent interest into tangible action. By targeting individuals who have already shown interest in your offerings, retargeting not only improves conversion rates but also elevates brand awareness, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to thrive online. With PIXELFREAKS’ expertise in executing sophisticated retargeting campaigns, your business is positioned to harness the full potential of this dynamic advertising technique, ensuring your brand remains visible and engaging across the digital sphere.

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