Understanding Technical SEO and Its Significance

Discover how Technical SEO optimises your site's technical elements to enhance search rankings. PIXELFREAKS Marketing specialises in boosting site speed, rectifying coding issues, and organising for improved search engine comprehension.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves analyzing and amending a website’s technical aspects to improve its search rankings. It’s crucial because it addresses technical shortcomings that could deter search engine performance. Issues like suboptimal coding can prevent a website from achieving its ranking potential. At PIXELFREAKS Marketing, we specialize in identifying and resolving such technical hurdles, enhancing website speed, cleaning up code, and organizing web pages for better search engine comprehension.

When is Technical SEO Needed?

Technical SEO is vital not just for rectifying errors on an existing site but also during site migrations and redesigns. It spans a wide range of fixes, including enhancing page speed, submitting sitemaps, correcting server errors, and resolving URL redirection and coding dilemmas. Any site undergoing migration or redesign might encounter changes in URL structure, necessitating redirects from old URLs (indexed by search engines) to the new ones to avoid deindexing.

Neglecting to redirect can lead to search engines dropping or demoting the page’s rank due to unreachable content, effectively nullifying previous SEO efforts. Properly executed redirects guide users and search engines to the new content location, preserving the site’s search authority.

How PIXELFREAKS Marketing Can Assist

With extensive experience in search engine optimization, PIXELFREAKS Marketing performs technical SEO daily, assisting numerous clients in overcoming their website’s technical issues. Beyond fixing coding and server issues, it’s vital to submit a sitemap to Google, outlining your website’s structure. We also check for duplicate content, employing canonical tags to indicate content origination, which is particularly crucial for E-Commerce sites where internal duplicate content may be unavoidable. By acknowledging duplicate content, we signal to Google to prioritize the original content, thereby mitigating potential penalties.

Should you need our expertise in technical SEO, PIXELFREAKS Marketing is ready to discuss your needs and elevate your website’s online visibility.

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